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October 6, 2009

Adventures of an invisible man

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It’s nice to see a game that isn’t about being trapped in a cave. Spoilers follow.







This game has beta testers.  Promising.  One of the beta testers asked to remain anonymous.  Less promising. 

During my first play-through, I felt a distinct lack of motivation.  I’m a dorky science assistant, currently invisible, wandering naked about campus.  What is my objective?

Even after restarting, and rereading in the introduction that my motive is revenge (Written three times, for emphasis) the game still lacks motivation.  What is revenge, exactly, and why do I want it?  Just because I’m a psychotic dork?  That doesn’t breed a sense of attachment to my character.

Even knowing what the first puzzle is (to get rid of the creepy guy) and how to solve it (because I peeked at the hints menu last night) I’m still faced with a wretched guess the verb problem to achieve what I want.  Granted, putting things through a window is a difficult problem to solve in Inform, because there are many many ways to phrase it, almost none of them supported by the standard verbs.  I tried many variations on “put object in/on/through window”, “give object to guy”, “throw object at guy”, “through object at window” before finally finding one that worked.

I feel I should really play this game some more before giving it a score, but then there is that lack of motivation.  “2.5” out of 5.


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