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October 8, 2009


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A game about a hangover, written in Adrift.

spoilers follow.







This game is riddled with so many spelling errors, I begin to wonder if the author is a non-native speaker, or maybe just dyslexic.  There is a women (sic) sleeping on my couch?  No matter.  If the game is worthwhile, I can ignore the spelling errors.

Yet the spelling errors are only the beginning.  The game world is poorly simulated.  The NPCs are flat and unresponsive.  The map connections are broken– I found I could move eternally west from my bedroom to the living room and back to my bedroom again.  Most of the objects mentioned in the game world have not been implemented, and obvious commands like “buy”, while in a well stocked pharmacy, fail to be recognized.

I turn to the walkthrough.  I earlier tried to attract the bum’s attention by waking him, talking to him, taking his hat, even hitting him and attempting to kill him.  But no, the correct verb was “kick bum”.  Guess-the-verb puzzles are so lame.


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