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October 6, 2009

IF comp reviews 2009

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After coming back from my vacation, yesterday, I downloaded the 2009 interactive fiction competition entries. There are fewer entries this year than there have been for the last several years. The only author I recognize immediately is Eric Eve. Reading the blurbs, there seems to be an unusual number of games about being trapped in caves, and perhaps also a return to the old school convention of IF as treasure hunt. But that’s just my initial impression, and it may turn out incorrect.

I won’t be revealing my actual scores in these reviews, but will rank the games on a 1-5 scale. A score of “5” is a truly amazing game, likely to be one of the top four games in this year’s competition. “4” is a good game, well worth playing. “3” is an adequate game, not broken. Maybe the author was a beginner, but they did their best. “2” is a seriously flawed game. “1” is a game which should not have been entered in the competition at all.

Let the games begin.

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